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Poplar Hill Companies, LLC specializes in electrical work geared toward energy savings. Our process starts with the sale, then the project is designed, approved and installation begins. Completed projects are measured and verified to ensure that the estimated wattage savings are realized. Following are the types of projects we oversee:

1. Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)

The ESPC portion of work makes up most of Poplar Hill Companies, LLC project catalogue at any given time. An ESPC is generally a partnership between a government, healthcare or educational customer and an energy service company (ESCO). The ESCO conducts a comprehensive energy audit for the customer and identifies improvements to save energy. In consultation with the customer, the ESCO designs and constructs a project that meets the customer's needs and arranges the necessary funding. The ESCO guarantees that the improvements will generate energy cost savings sufficient to pay for the project over the term of the contract. After the contract ends, all additional cost savings accrue to the customer. Contract terms up to 25 years are allowed but most projects usually fall between 10 to 15 years. Improvements made during an ESPC can include anything that consumes a utility source. Most commonly the projects will include lighting, water, HVAC, and building envelope improvements.

2. Lighting-only Performance Contracts

Lighting-only performance contracts are usually completed with industrial clients. These types of projects can be financed for a term and paid for through operational savings realized by the client. Such projects are completed so that capital expenditure requests can be avoided. This allows customers to take advantage of energy savings NOW instead of waiting for years capital budget inclusion.

3. Capital Project Contracts

Capital projects are paid for by the customer like a regular construction project. Money to fund these projects comes from a company’s capital budget. They are paid upon completion.